Where creativity meets absurdity.

Unleash your inner comedian with our AI-powered improv app, and level up your scenes with unrivalled hilarity.

Scene Generator

Our AI will generate a unique improv scene for up to 10 players. All you need to do is bring your acting A-game.

Scenes will include:
LOCATION - where the improv takes place
ERA - the time period
THEME - general plot line
OBJECTIVE - a rule that a player must follow
EMOTION - an emotion that a player must exhibit

Both Objectives and Emotions can be assigned to one or multiple players. It's up to you.

Character Creator

Meet your new best friend, a delightfully peculiar persona crafted just for you!

Item Inventor

From the mundane to the insane, our prop generator will make your scenes pop!

Location Lottery

Transport your scene to a setting that's as unexpected as a disco in a dentist's office!

Lights! Camera! Improv!

Make A Scene is the ultimate app for improv enthusiasts, drama teachers, and anyone ready to embrace their silly side! Our AI-powered app is your one-stop shop for generating an endless supply of quirky characters, peculiar props, and bizarre backdrops. Say hello to a world of side-splitting scenarios that'll keep you and your audience in stitches.

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